10 Aims for 2010

As I’ve been traveling for the past two and a half weeks and because I got snowed in at my parents’ house the day I was set to trek back to the Old Dominion, my new year’s resolutions don’t officially kick in until this week.

Without further ado and because I feel like my posting  them might make me more accountable for following through with them, here is what I resolve to do in 2010:

  • Finish editing my manuscript. I’ve had many distractions since cutting down the time line of my plot, but I resolve to finish it once and for all within the next two weeks—at all costs.

  • Come up with one of my insane-o schedules, and stick to it. Vampire hours have served me well in terms of the final rounds of my editing, but they’ve pretty much ruined me in terms of the day-to-day aspects of my life.  I. Need. Structure!
  • Work out. I got an exercise ball for Christmas, and my in-laws were nice enough to donate their recumbent bike to the cause, so I’m about to break out all the Billy Blanks DVDs I can and get back in gear.  I know diet and exercise is everyone’s New Year’s resolution, but it’s an especially important one to me, and following resolution #2 will help me get exercise back into my life.
  • Cut carbs & sodium. Goodbye, penne pasta—sayonara, extra salt!  It’s not you; it’s me: I don’t want to be disgusting anymore.  I’ll say a quick hello at breakfast, but you’re dead to me after that.

  • Drink more water. Coffee may as well be on an IV drip in my office, and although I love it and cannot (and will not) cut it out, I need to drink more straight-up water.  Five of my awesome James Madison U water bottles a day ought to do it for now.  Difficult as it was, when I was in the greatest shape of my life (after age 22), I drank eight 16-oz. bottles a day.  I want that body back!
  • Implement all my ideas for my online writing group, Shenandoah Writers Online.  True, I only created the social networking site a month ago, but I have so many ideas for networking and other writing opportunities for the site that I feel I’ve neglected my baby.  I knew the holiday season would slow things down, but now is the time to focus and get organized.
  • Freelance, freelance, freelance. I’ve got some articles forthcoming in the 2011 editions of three Writer’s Digest Books, but I’m insatiable!  I want to write for several magazines this year – so I guess I’d better get cracking on that query process as well!

  • Go to two to three awesome writing conferences. I’m already going to one, Southeastern Writers Association (at which I’ll be teaching), but I want to go to at least one more and revel in all the writerly goodness.
  • Finish my second YA manuscript—at least a first draft.  In fact, one of my SWO ideas is to host my own NaNoWriMo—even if I’m the only participant—so maybe I will accomplish that then.  I’m thinking February…because it’s nice and short.

Although there are about a hundred other things I need to do, I don’t want my list to get out of hand; so this is all I’ll write for now.


Please feel free to ask me about my progress with any of these, as I’m sure I’ll need help sticking to them all.  If I’ve got people on my case about whether or not I’m following through, I’m much more apt to do it.

What are your resolutions?


6 thoughts on “10 Aims for 2010

  1. Ricki,
    I am glad to see you put low sodium on you diet list. I hope more people will see it and realize what an important thing it is to do to and keep a healthy heart. I know you are active person and am sure you will reach your goals even if some on this list do not end up being the same you finish the year with. It is a very LONG list.

    BTW how is the manuscript coming?

    • And I’ve left a TON of things out. Like decorating/organizing the new house – but I had to stop the list somewhere!

      The MS is coming along rather nicely. I’m itching to get back to it for realz – and I believe that will commence as early as after the SW meeting!

  2. Good luck with your goals. Two of my goals are to exercise more and drink less caffeine so it seems we share goals. An idea to help you drink more water is to drink flavored waters. The great taste will make water a little more appealing.

    • Good idea! I already do that *a little* in terms of adding a teensy bit of powdered Gatorade to my water (sometimes) to change things up and keep hydrated – I just wish I could find more powered flavors than the lemon-lime.

      I’ll have to look into other, similar powders. Found one this summer, but its name escapes me at the moment…

      Good luck with yours, too!

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