Things I Learned This Weekend . . .

I’m likely on a plane as you’re reading this . . . or sitting at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport waiting for my connecting flight to Dulles . . . but wherever I am, I’m returning to the Shenandoah Valley after my weekend at the Society of Southwestern Authors conference, Wrangling with Writing, in Tuscon, Ariz.

I learned a lot from the writing and publishing pros this weekend, and I’ll be blogging them coming up—but here are some other things I learned this weekend:

  • Roadrunners are real!*
  • There are a lot of doors in rooms at the Radisson
  • Apparently, it’s OK to “shush” people—nothing obnoxious about it at all . . .
  • It’s cool to wake up at 4:30 AM when you’re used to Eastern Standard Time and you go somewhere on Pacific Standard Time
  • It’s possible to still get carded on your 29th birthday by a bartender who’s younger than you**

I did OK with the flying, BTW.  Looked out the window and everything—go me!

*I mean, I knew this before, but HOW COOL!  There are roadrunners here!  (No, I didn’t see any because I was at the conference the whole time, but YEE!)

**Even though he’s probably just flirting with you


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