Scare Me . . . In 1,000 Words or Less

It’s been a while since I’ve done a contest around here, and since I kind of blew through September without mentioning my “blogiversary” (everyone seems to be celebrating blogiversaries these days!), I thought I’d cook something up right here on the bloggity blog.


Write me a scary short story.

That’s it!  Easy peasy, right?

This should be me reading the entries.


There aren’t many.

1.) Write a scary short story—whatever your interpretation of that is

2.) 1,000 words or less

3.) e-mail it to me (at ricki [at] rickischultz [dot] com) no later than Sunday, Oct. 24, 11:59 PM EST.


I’ll pick two winners.

The first will receive a book + DVD combo of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein . . . and Kenneth Branagh’s mutant of a movie adaptation of the same name.  It’s about the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen . . . and I’d LOVE to discuss it with you!

I get so fired up, just thinking about it!

Terrifying, no?

Second prize is a 10-page critique from me!

If you’ve never read Frankenstein—which, a surprising number of people haven’t, actually (I had thought it was more widely read in schools than it actually is)—I think you’ll be surprised.  It’s not really what you think it is.

It’s not so much this:

Or this . . . (although this is awesome):

Or this . . . (this is awesome, too):

Come on, people—I’ve been scaring you enough with this blog for over a year now.  Here’s your chance to scare me! 😀


9 thoughts on “Scare Me . . . In 1,000 Words or Less

  1. what on earth is the layout on that dvd cover trying to convey? is the Monster supposed to be watching them? that’s creepy.

    and that picture of them? a substance abuse hotline would make more sense than the name of a movie. particularly *that* movie.

    i can’t believe i paid to see it in the theater.

    it’d be awesome if the Monster was blowing a bubble
    under that hood while he watches them. like this guy:

    this is a good story challenge! i’m gonna be mulling it over. 🙂

    • Dead Like Me is brilliant! Well, except for the TV movie they did after they canceled the show. It’s one of those “I’m gonna forget that part exists” kinda things. Sorta like the second Highlander movie.

      Oh, and that’s not a guy under the hood. It’s a girl. 😉

  2. I know – I saw it and HAD to buy it. Just so no one would buy it and possibly think it was awesome.

    After my husband and I watched it, we scoured the Internet for scathing reviews…only to find some poor sap who called it his “favorite Robert DeNiro movie.” WHA??

    I can’t believe you paid to see it in the theater either. That’s kind of a scary story in itself. If no one else enters the contest, YOU WIN! 😀

  3. I wrote this a while back for a scifi class and the teacher said it creeped him out;)…

    Very short – and called …

    Commander Black and Commander Brown

    Two giant wolves, Commander Black and Commander Brown, were standing on snow banks outside the kitchen window of their grandmother’s house. The snow had fallen for days and the garage, the steps leading to the front door and the driveway, were all buried beneath tons of it. There was no way out for two eight-year old children. And all alone, they were terrified that the beasts would find a way to get inside.

    But Grandmother said Chrissie and John were the two smartest children on the planet. Brighter than anyone ever and more resourceful than any two children born.

    They ran up to hug her, proud of being so smart, but she pressed her round body against the wall, holding them off with an outstretched arm. Her big belly shook with something like fear.

    Grandmother wasn’t as strong as Chrissie and John would have liked. But the wolves were strong. Powerful haunches, closely spaced narrow eyes, slanted with hatred. Chrissie told John she could hear their thoughts, and they wanted to kill, butcher the children, chew them up mercilessly, like two little pigs.

    John wasn’t certain what mercilessly meant, but he didn’t doubt Chrissie’s warning. They’d have to kill the wolves, kill them with a thought. They’d done it before. With the rats in the barn and the spiders in the basement. They’d even advanced to larger prey.

    Right then, Grandmother flew down the stairs, landing at the bottom, twisted and quiet. She hadn’t been pushed. They’d been sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching the TV flicker, when they’d stared at each other and thought up her fall.

    If they could do that, they could certainly kill Commander Black and Commander Brown.

  4. This is a true story, I heard it from someone who knew one of the students involved.

    At a certain university in North Carolina the ‘high rise dorms’ (taller than 4 stories) are at the far southern end of campus. To reach them from the rest of campus a student must take one of two brick paths, one of which goes through woods and is only intermittently lit by retro street lamps. Two young men were walking home from the bars,comparing one’s urban childhood to the other’s more rural one.

    They had almost reached the edge of the trees when they spotted a raccoon crossing the brick path. The rural student said, “I’ll show you how we catch raccoons back home. Here, hold my jacket open, like this.”

    He climbed the tree, while his companion held open the jacket like a net. He shook the tree until the raccoon fell out of it. More by luck than skill, his companion caught the raccoon in the jacket.

    The two students discussed, what to do about the raccoon now that they had caught it. Being a little less than sober, they decided to sneak it into the dorm (one of the 10 story ones). They managed this and had reached the 8th floor balcony that led to their suite (4 dorm rooms & a bathroom off the balcony). There, they found that their suitemates were having a suite party. Oddly enough, there was beer involved there, too.

    Snickering to each other, the two managed to toss the raccoon into the tiled bathroom and closed the door before coon could scramble out. Then, they waited. Sure enough, someone eventually had to use the facilities; in this case one of their suitemates.

    He opened the door and was startled by a raccoon scrambling and clawing its way past him. The animal scurried out of the suite and onto the balcony. It followed the path of least resistance, which had it headed toward the center of the building (& the elevators). The party-goers chased after it. Other students disembarked from the elevator, walking along the balcony.

    The raccoon was trapped. There was only one way out; and it took it. Off the balcony it went….8 stories down. Onto the basketball court.

    The students looked over the railing. Pooor little raccoon….poor little fella.

    That just got up and walked away?! Demon Coon!

    Someone wondered how the raccoon had gotten into the bathroom. Someone else remarked, raccoons are great climbers, and the building is rough brick. The screen and window in the bathroom haven’t been closed all semester. It probably crawled inside.

    For the rest of the semester, everyone knew when a certain suitemate went to the bathroom. He slammed the door wide open, just in case another raccoon had crawled inside.

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