Whaddup Wednesday

Soooooo busy lately, and here’s why:

First of all, I am doing the Write-Brained Network’s WordWatchers + NaNoWriMo/NaNoWraMo to finish my WIP this month.

Basically what that means is, I’ve set a weekly goal (8,000 words) and I’m trying to discipline myself to write at least 1500 words each day I write (a lá NaNoWriMo + WW, which dictates you don’t have to write *every day* necessarily) to wrap up my work-in-progress (WIP) by the end of the month (a lá NaNoWraMo).

Whew—that was an exhausting sentence to type!!

I made—and surpassed—my goal:  8146 for Week 1. *applause*

I started at 31,457 words, and if you look at my word count meter to the right, you can see how I’m doing so far. It feels so great to be making such progress!  I am so *in love* with my manuscript!!

And I really hope I stay so enamored.  However, I know how these things go.

I’ve just learned so much since I wrote my first MS, and that makes me love writing this one that much more.  Here’s why: Not that writing a novel is ever easy, but it’s just much *easier* to know, from the very start, you’re doing things right.  Instead of trying to force something you wrote (before you knew anything about how writing a book works) to be tightly plotted—to have sound structure—to balance X, Y, and Z—it’s just so refreshing to be on the right track from the start!!

I have read people talking about this very thing, but I’m living it now—you really do “learn” on your first MS.

Anyway, I heart Sheena Easton—that’s my working title (explanation).


I’ve also been:

  • Looking into more speaking gigs
  • Interviewing literary agents
  • Interviewing script managers
  • Moving my online writing group (yes, again—FML)
  • Building a new Web site
  • Planning a workshop/conference for the WB (!)
  • Developing some writing courses (for me to possibly teach in H’burg!)

Things have been so crazy, I’ve actually had to schedule phone calls, just to catch up with people!  (It’s actually worked really well, instead of missing people’s phone calls all the time.  If I know we have a call planned, I schedule around it!)

That said, I’m about to go into my writing cave.  Sheena calls.


However, in anticipation of something *else* I just did—purchase tickets for a midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, next week—I leave you with something awesome:


8 thoughts on “Whaddup Wednesday

  1. Sounds great, Ricki! I totally agree with you on how much different your writing can be once you’ve learned “how” to write. It wasn’t until I wrote my fifth book that I really started to learn how to write a novel. A good novel. I’m still learning, in fact, which is why the editing process has taken so much time. But I’m determined and plugging along because it WILL be a great novel. Yet I know my next novel will be better and might be a bit *easier* to write given what I know now and wish I knew before the current WIP.

    The advice I wish someone had given me years ago was: learn how to write a novel (i.e. read books about the process), brush up on your punctuation and grammar, attend conferences, read more, and write short stories until you’ve nailed the craft.

    Better late than never!

    • Agreed. I think there’s some stuff you can’t really learn – even from all those great preparation things you mentioned – until you actually go through it all, though.

      Ah, the fun! 😉

  2. Oh my, you have been busy!! Good luck as you wrap all this stuff up. I’m also super excited about the new HP movie!! I can’t wait.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with the big WB move. That has to be stressful. Good luck, and best wishes for a smooth transition.

  3. Schultz, don’t pretend you’re not Sheena’s greatest fan. You’ll be thrilled to know that I saw her in Vegas in the mid-90s, well past her “Morning Train” moments, and it was full-on Vegasy show, with lots of shimmering costume changes and sideline dancers.

    And yes, she sang “For Your Eyes Only” just for you…

    (Don’t ask what I was doing seeing Sheena Easton in Vegas.)

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