Whaddup Wednesday–Resetting My Brain

Some of the folks in the Write-Brained Network are starting to hit the middle-of-the-month blues, in terms of NaNoWriMo, NaNoWraMo, and just their monthly writing goals in general.  I was all peppy about it two days ago (NO!!!!!!!!  Just get to the computer when you can.  Adjust your goals if you want.  Keep on going!), but my brain is a bit fried at the moment.

This is a product of having too much to do (knocking work off my plate in anticipation for a weekend away, getting the house ready for company, and putting too many things on my list each day).  How can you feel good if you don’t have a chance of tackling everything you’ve set out to accomplish in a day?

But I digress.

Although I missed my 8000-word goal for Week 2 by a mere 20 words—wrote 7980 during Week 2 (for all you math majors out there)—I’m okay with it.  I could have written 20 words of crap just to make the goal, but with doing NaNoWraMo and not WriMo, I am trying to make these words count (no pun intended).

Up until this week, I was still over my overall goal, having gone over my countage for Week 1.  This week has been a big fat ZERO so far, however. That said, I need to rethink all this so as not to go crazy and stop altogether.


The way I see it, I’ve got about 12,500 words to go with this manuscript (give or take).  I technically have 15 days left to finish; however, looking at my schedule and obligations, it seems far more likely that I’ll only be able to write on about nine of those.

So . . .

Let’s just say I’ll write 1400 words a day on each of those nine days I’ve deemed days I can write . . . and if I happen to sneak in more either on those days or on the six remaining days, EVEN BETTER!

Overall, I’ve been pretty happy with the wordage I’ve put up so far—in number and quality.  Which isn’t to say I won’t have to do any editing, but I’ve been doing some as I go—don’t tell the NaNo gods!

Okay, well, I feel better.  How about you?  How are you doing with your NaNo (or other monthly writing) goals?  Would a little brain reset help?  GO FOR IT!


6 thoughts on “Whaddup Wednesday–Resetting My Brain

  1. I’ve given up any chance of writing 50K for NaNo, but, I am ok with that.

    Hmm.. how about a life reset?

    Hope you have a good time on your weekend getaway! Sounds like a good time to recharge the creative batteries. :0)

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