EdYoFOffMo (Edit Your Face Off Month) & Hair-Related Questions

December 1, people—here we are!  We made it out of the NaNo trenches of November, and I’m declaring December EdYoFOffMo (Edit Your Face Off Month).

FYI: EdYoFOffMo is pronounced ed-yo-FOFF-mo, in case you care.

Over at the Write-Brained Network, I’ve created a Subgroup specifically for this, so interested parties can track their progress.  If you’d like to get in on this action, join the WB (and then the EdYoFOffMo—I just can’t get enough of it!—subgroup) STAT.


Basically, it will work like WordWatchersThe gist of WW: set a weekly word goal and WRITE!—only, since we all edit differently, all our goals will be different.

At the beginning of each week (we’ll typically go Monday-Sunday; however, this will be a shorty week, since Dec. 1 lands on a Wednesday), participants will set a goal for what they want to get done, editing wise, that week. For example, it could be a certain amount of edited pages, a run-through for smoothing out transitions or beefing up setting/atmosphere, taking a machete to adverbs or passive verbs, etc. Whatever you want; whatever fits with your life, but is still challenging.

Bottom line: Let’s not lose the momentum we built during such a successful November.*

*If you don’t have a finished draft of something, then do WordWatchers and try to get it done! You can jump into EdYoFOffMo at any time. It’s just for fun—and to be accountable—and to keep us sane as we edit.

Also: Don’t be afraid to join the WB and participate in these contests. Believe me—you’re not going to find a more supportive group out there. Seeing others’ progress really is inspiring. It provides a major push to get your shizz done as well.

So, if you’re interested in participating in EdYoFOffMo, go to Subgroups (in the top tab of the WB’s main page) and join the EdYoFOffMo group.

I’ll see you over there!

And now . . . totally off topic: Hair-Related Questions.

Well, actually, it’s not completely off topic, because it involves cutting—just words and not hair!

So, pretty much all my life, I had long hair.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Aww, LSD & me!

About three years ago, it started getting shorter. And then I decided to go Holmes:

What a dork. Self-portrait! But cutting my hair this short was a *big deal* for a girl who’d always had long hair.

Same cut, just funkier.

And it’s been pretty much like this ever since:

However, I’ve been seeing some cute pixie haircuts out there lately, and it’s making me wonder . . . should I do it?

I wouldn’t want the Holmes pixie.  There’s something too 1967 about it:


But this is closer:

If she’d take those effing sunglasses off, it would help me decide if this is what I want! Dammit, Katie!

Disklike pic on left; kind of like pic on the right. Yes, I *do* realize this was the same day.

Something soft.  Perhaps the Mandy Moore (LOVE HER):


Not sure I could pull the more rock star version off. Not crazy about the cowlick, but I suppose one can’t control that!


I thought this was Katie Holmes, but blonde . . . but I don’t think it is.

So, um, what do you think? Besides “these are all exactly the same, Ricki”?

My one fear about it is that I’ll hate it, it will take forever to grow out to my current length (which I def like—I was even thinking of growing it out just a little longer and have done that *just a tad* this fall), and it will look horrible in the interim. And I’ll look like a boy.  And . . . and . . .

Anyone out there have a short short short haircut?  Or *have* you had one?  What was your experience in growing it out?

Furthermore, should I just be brave and do it?


I’ll probably chicken out, but I’ve been thinking about it lately. Not sure what my husband thinks, but he *does* think my ears are cute, for some reason.  And he hasn’t really seen them in about three years!  This would be his big chance!

Next haircut scheduled: Dec. 16.



12 thoughts on “EdYoFOffMo (Edit Your Face Off Month) & Hair-Related Questions

  1. Exciting! I think you could totally pull off the short & hip look a la Katie Holmes or the last couple of pics. (Even the rock star version!) Your hair seems like just the right texture and you have a great face for it.

    I’ve tried cutting my hair super short, but my face is too fat and my hair is too curly. No joke. I kind of looked like Bob Ross. (http://www.mtv.com/shared/promoimages/news/r/ross_bob/281×211.jpg) Yeah, no thanks.

    Let us know how it goes!

  2. Honey, you’re gorgeous. You can pull off any look. I loved you with long hair and the hair you have now, and I know you’ll look great with a pixie-ish cut. Maybe you can try one of those computer programs that lets you insert another hairstyle over your face to reassure yourself?

    I tried shorter hair when I was last pregnant. Ugh. I must stick with long. Must.

    How come when you’re writing I’m editing, and when you’re editing I’m writing? We have got to get in sync one of these days…

  3. Ricki, look what happened to Samson. You don’t want to not be able to even move your keyboard do you? And what if your ears have gone a little Vulcan in that time—your husband will be shocked!

    I think that with that new ever-so-glam shot that you have on the WB, you shouldn’t mess with success. Or try a pixie wig first.

    • Haha. We’ll see. I think I’m chickening. The fear is really more about the interim than it is about the actual cut. I think my ears are still OK. 😉

      But I do like that new pic! 🙂

  4. If I had a dollar for every time I grew my hair out, then cut it, I wouldn’t have to work for a living. So, yeah, go for it! It’s only hair. And I think that cut would work well on you. I dig that last one.. I like the effortless messy look (which of course takes an hour to achieve).

    As to the editing! Who hoo!! I’m not even finished with the actual writing yet so this will be more like FiThNaNoBUStInNovMo (Finish the NaNo Book You Started in November Month).

  5. I am a long time advocate of the long haired look. This is typically what I encourage any girl seeking advice on what hairstyle to try, however, you could pull them both off. Just sayin.

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