11 Aims for 2011

Resolution time!

  • Finish editing my manuscript. This one sounds familiar, huh?  I’m currently having a dilemma about the beginning, and I am just hoping something will click this month.
  • Begin the query process for the aforementioned manuscript. This one sounds familiar, too!  I’m hoping for the end of January/beginning of February with this one.
  • Sleep more. I have had an awful sleep schedule the last few months.  It’s not that I necessarily want to be on a strict schedule (although, I’m sure that would help!), but I just need to make sure I’m getting enough rest.  I was knocked out of commission for a few weeks in October because I was so run down and I had a hard time shaking the flu.  Yes, it was probably my own fault.  So, rest and relaxation is going to be be *part* of my schedule so I can always be at my best.
  • Work out. I’ve got the tools, I know how to use them, now I just need to be *consistent*!  As soon as we get back home, I’m going to get on it!
  • Cut carbs & sodium. Again, consistency.
  • Drink more water. This too.
  • Teach writing classes. Thanks to some amazing people in my writerly life, my IRL writing group, Shenandoah Writers is being “incubated” by the Arts Council of the Valley in Harrisonburg.  I spoke with the director in November, and they are open to having me teach some writing classes through them—so now, I just need to put together some proposals and, well, propose them! 
  • Freelance, freelance, freelance. I could stand to step this up in the coming year.  This goes for both writing and editing.
  • Host the Write-Brained Network’s first (live) writers’ workshop. I’ve been hard at work on this, together with Shenandoah Writers, and plans are coming along nicely.  However, I’d like to have the details hammered out and be advertising by March.  Stay tuned!
  • Write my third YA manuscript—at least a first draft. We’ll see . . .

How about you?



5 thoughts on “11 Aims for 2011

  1. Sounds like some healthy goals. I’ve found that early morning workouts with two friends combines social time and a reason to get my backside out of bed. Three is a great number, because when one can’t make it there is usually another who can. Here’s to an energizing year for you! My goal is to take a writing class and teach a summer school class that involves writing. I hope to teach at a middle school next year and think YA writers are as special as the students who read them. Zany, creative energy! Have you read any of Virginia Euwer Wolff’s books?

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